All room prices include taxes, shower, towel, soap, shampoo and conditioner with stay, indoor bed has mattress with one fitted sheet and your sleeping bag, full linen is an extra $5:

Indoor Beds $20 ----- Bunkhouse $15 ----- Pup Shed $15 ----- Bed on front porch 4/15 thru 10/15 $15

Camping $7.50 ----- Shower without stay includes towel, soap, shampoo and conditioner $3

We have a well stocked resupply store including Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, Chicken Pot Pies, Snickers Ice Cream Bars, Cheese Burgers and Veggie Burgers. 

FREE COFFEE in the Mornings

We have Coleman and Denatured Alcohol by the ounce.

​​Shuttle Services from Hot Springs to Damascus and Airport Shuttles to Tri-Cities and Asheville Airports.

We have a meal run to the Mountain Grill which we place the orders around 6pm and then pick up. Mountain Grill only takes Cash!!

Parking is $2 a night (Daytime parking is FREE)

Have your AT Passport stamped here



During the main Hiking Season I will only wash clothes for staying guests (Exception to this rule is if a load is about to be started for a guest and they are willing to let you wash your clothes with theirs.)

My laundry is done with Borax, Vinegar, Clear and Free Detergent and rinsed 2 times.

Laundry Price ranges from $2 to $6 according to size.

I observe the Sabbath, that means I try to rest on my Sabbath so I try to avoid doing laundry from Sundown Friday to Sundown Saturday.


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