400 Gallon Reservoir with Jet Pump

We Accept Mail Drops. Here is our address, please use this format:

Greasy Creek Friendly

1827 Greasy Creek Rd.

​Bakersville, NC 28705

Hold for AT Thru-Hiker


Estimated Date of Arrival:


​​Greasy Creek Friendly

We have free access to Wi-Fi, 55'' LED Smart TV  since we know you need some of the pleasures from back home. 

View of Roan Mountain from my front porch in Winter.

New Dollar General it just opened today February 12, 2018 across the street from Mountain Grill close to Greasy Creek Friendly, FREE run to the Dollar General during dinner run.

Dinner order is called in around 6:00 pm Monday thru Saturday, Mountain Grill is closed on Sunday but there will be a Dollar General evening run for staying Guest on Sunday.

SOBO's don't forget to stop by Greasy Creek Friendly at mile marker 1822.8 for SOBO, 363.6 for NOBO at Greasy Creek Gap just 0.6 tenths downhill. We have "All types of Resupply"

Hikers, hike smart and lighter, if you are headed NOBO when you get to Erwin just resupply for 2 days and stop at Greasy Creek Friendly we have "All types of Resupply" just down from Greasy Creek Gap, then just resupply for 2 days and stop at 19E, then just resupply for 3 days and stop at Hampton, then resupply to get you to Damascus. If you are headed SOBO just reverse this. You will enjoy your hike more carrying less weight.

Hikers on front porch